FAQ – My child isn’t showing any signs of readiness, should I wait?

Some children won’t show any signs of readiness and disposable nappies can make it difficult to recognise some them, even if they are present. For example, a good sign of readiness is a changing pattern in wees; with the child doing fewer larger wees. This indicates the bladder is maturing and that the child is able to hold on for longer.

Modern light nappies are great at keeping your child feeling dry but that makes it difficult to tell when it is wet. A piece of kitchen towel in the nappy can make it easier to see if the nappy is still dry. Ideally, you want your child to be going for about an hour and a half to two hours between wees.

Some children are keen to take their nappy off, while others are quite happy with the convenience of a nappy and show no particular interest in moving on to big boy or girl pants. Potty training doesn’t happen automatically, and it does require the parent or carer to intervene and actually teach the process, therefore taking a complete child led approach to potty training may cause a delay, and this delay can in the long run make it harder and the process longer.

Age is a good indicator. If your child is around the age of two, there is a good chance they are ready to start. If you are unsure, you could also try introducing potty practise where you have a short of period of time when you take the nappy off and practise sitting on the potty. If this goes well, then you can be confident that they are ready to start intensive potty training, and the next stage is to put in place a good routine.

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2 comments on “FAQ – My child isn’t showing any signs of readiness, should I wait?

  1. LAURA on

    Help! I’ve been potty training my little boy for 6 months now, he will be 3 1/2 next week but his brain has no connection to his bladder at all, should I be worried and seek medical advice? Thanx

    • Di on

      Hi Laura, to be on the safe side it may be a good idea to speak to your Health Visitor or GP to get their advice on your son’s progress. The chances are that he’s just not picking up on the signs that he needs to go, but if you have any doubt or worries we always recommend seeking medical advice.


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