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You would think that buying the right potty would be simple, wouldn’t you? Then you realise there is no such thing anymore as a simple potty! With all types of styles and sizes and shapes on the market, as well as seats that go on the toilet, and with no small amount of investment required we give you the Toddlerbarn low down on what to look for.


Form over function.


As with most things to do with kids, by the time you get to potty training you will be used to a plethora of brightly coloured kids’ paraphernalia taking up the space in your lovely home. Potty’s are no different. It is hard to find a simple attractive and stylish potty… we do have some on our shop that are functional and simple and do the job really well. The MioPotty by Bambino Mio is exactly this. Priced at £6.99 it does an excellent job, and is a great price, and we would recommend it as a great potty to have around the house. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and as most people have more than one bathroom there is definitely room in most houses for a lovely basic potty. Reality is though most pottys’ are pretty garish, are not likely to fit with a contemporary bathroom. but do you really need to care? The answer is NO! When it comes to potty training you want the best thing for the job for YOUR CHILD. If that doesn’t look nice and neat in the bathroom, but it does the job, then it’s a winner! Alongside a great basic potty there are now a multitude of pottys that help to re -enforce what is expected in potty training, as well as appeal to younger toddlers. So, suspend your interior design disbelief and remember – the potty is going to be your closest companion for the next few months – so learn to love it whatever its size shape of colour!


The MioPotty







A word about seat pads….


Toddlers can often get spooked by sitting on the toilet; the fear of the ‘drop,’ or a dislike of the cold feeling of the seat. It makes them feel insecure and can be a real sticking point in potty training. which is why a really great toilet seat is essential. Ultimately your little one is going to need to learn to go on the loo itself. We have toilet seats at Toddlerbarn that cover all the bases here are just a couple.


The Safety 1st  Comfy Cushion Potty Seat  This is a great padded seat for ultimate comfort for your child and a nice soft feel on their bottom! If you think they don’t like the feel of the hard-cold seat then this is the one to go for and it is a great price too.




The Safety 1st Comfy Cushion Potty Seat






If it is security you are looking for then the Munchkin Grip Potty Seat  is a step up at £14.99 but guarantees a nice secure fit on any toilet.  Sleek and stylish it is not really a portable seat, it is made to last and will serve you well through your whole potty training journey…


The Muchkin Grip Potty Seat








An essential bit of kit and something that will be in use by the whole family well past potty training ( I still use my sons to reach the top shelf I my wardrobe!) is a step stool. They help children safely reach the toilet or sink, and can help position feet comfortably which helps with good bowel movements. They can be used at the sink and are just a all round useful piece of kit. We recommend the lightweight and easily portable Miostep step stool by Bambino Mio priced at £6.99 from  




Pottys with all the bells and whistles…


These pottys have to be seen to be believed;  from flushing sounds, songs, reward dispensing, and loo roll holding, an all singinng and all dancing potty can be a little overwhelming for the parent lef alone the child! However parents and toddlers have huge success with these pottys. We are often asked how do you get your child to actually go to their first wee or poo in the potty? Well the answer may well lie in one of these pottys. They making training fun, they have mechanisms built in to reward your child immediately, and they help build a good routine. Most of them also convert to step stools, and have seats that can be detatched used on the toilet, so whiile they are pricey they are hard working kit!


Heres some of our favourites…

The Fisher Price thomas and Friends Rewards Potty This is just brilliant for fans of Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s a great incentive to get your little one on the loo, and this hard working potty rewards with sounds and also converts to a step stool and toilet seat as your child grows


The Fisher Price Thomas and Friends Rewards Potty






The Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty is a personal favourite, because it dispenses stickers, and toddlers love a good sticker reward. It’s clever design suits boys and girls, it has a neat flush, light up stars, a detachable seat, and of course dispenses those stickers. It comes with a potty-training guide too.


The Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty







And for those little ones who deserve nothing but the creme de la creme of pottys we have the Fisher Price My Potty Friend

This potty is unisex, colourful, well designed, and even holds a loo roll!  It has songs, phrases and sound clicks when it flushes, and is made by the trusted Fisher Price brand.


The Fisher Price My Potty Friend







So our advice is pick a potty you think you can have fun with, and your child will love. A simple potty can be just as effective as a fancy one. The faster you get them trained the better of course!



Visit our potty training collection at to shop our full range of pottys and all our hand-picked potty training essentials.



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4 comments on “Buying guide to buying the right potty

  1. Laura on

    We started training my daughter a little but not intended just using a padded seat toilet a few months back as she showed no signs of using a potty and would just draw In it before loosing interest then we got rid of it. We are now wanting to make a big effort to get her trained. Should we get a potty as well or is that going backwards again as she can use the toilet but still in nappies? Should we just stick with the toilet Training now?

    • Di Titterton on

      Hi Laura, Thanks for contacting us. The ultimate aim is to get her to use the toilet so if she’s happy to do that from the outset then go for it! The only time you may wish you could get her to use a potty is if you are out and about and can’t get to public toilets in time. In those situations she may however be willing to use the potty. The next important step is to take the nappy off and keep it off in the day. See our blogs on getting started to pick up some extra tips and advice. Good luck x


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