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Dry Like Me


Dry Like Me are the new, fast way to potty train. The award-winning, handy little potty training pads turn all pants into potty training pants by adding an absorbent layer to give your child extra confidence when learning to potty train.  Dry Like Me also helps manage the stress and mess of potty training, which helps parents.

Dry Like Me pads help your child to recognise their body’s cues for the loo, a key part of potty training.

Jude and Di developed Dry Like Me after potty training their own children.  The process was messy and stressful and they were inspired to developed a tool to make the whole event easier to fit around busy lives.


There are some great reviews on Amazon and Dry Like Me original pads have an average score of 4.5 stars.

We recently heard from one parent, Jo Richardson who had used them for night time training, and she told us:

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

I had a full nights sleep for the first time in weeks last night after finding your product in Morrisons on a whim.

I didn’t even know they existed and my child refuses to wear pull-ups as they are for babies and toddlers apparently.

Until last night I was washing sheets everyday, sometimes twice a day.



ERIC are the UK’s leading Children’s Continence Charity and they endorse Dry Like Me pads.  We asked them why they like the products so much.

Original Dry Like Me pads:


  • When children have wetting and soiling problems the pads will give confidence to both parent and child that any accidents can be quickly and effectively dealt with.
  • The use of dry like me pads avoids the need of a backward step to restart nappies.
  • The ease of use of Dry Like Me pads enables children to more easily participate in changing when they have accidents.
  • The convenient compact size of Dry Like Me pads will not hamper a child’s activities like running, climbing or playing football.

Potty Training pads:


  • These pads are different from nappies and signal to a child that they are embarking on a new stage.
  • The feeling of pads will be different and may make a child more aware of weeing.
  • It can be exciting for children to try something new.

Night time pads:


  • Night time pads will help children to feel more confident at night and this may help them to be dry at night.
  • Using night time pads can help to avoid children becoming too hot in bed at night as they will need less full bed protection which can sometimes retain heat.
  • As children’s bladder matures they often get dry at night by learning to hold their wee all night. This means they may wake up with a full bladder in the morning. Dry Like Me pads will give a child extra time to get up and get to the toilet.



Wear Dry Like Me in the front or back of pants, or in the early stages it’s also possible to wear two pads, one in the front and one in the back.



Modern nappies are super absorbent and as a result children and parents are missing the key signs of potty training (which is why potty training is starting later and lasting longer). The reason Dry Like Me pads work is because they help children to recognise their body’s cues for the toilet, so when they do have accidents, they begin to understand (and react to) what’s happening. It’s this increased awareness that holds the key to making real progress – helping to make the potty training process faster and easier.


While superb at capturing wee the pads have been designed with poo in mind too. One of our pads across the back of your child’s underwear will help protect clothes from soiling accidents.


There are three versions of the pads:

ORIGINAL – Holds approx. 90ml (half the full bladder capacity of the average 2 year old). These are great for ongoing accidents and for issues with poo.

EARLY DAYS – Hold approx. 150ml and as the name suggests, are great for those first few days after the nappy has been taken off.

NIGHT TIME – Hold approx. 150ml and are great for capturing part of a night time accident, to reduce the mess.  They also help capture accidents that often happen as the child wakes up and is making his or her way to the potty or toilet. Another benefit is that they enable the child to get out of nappies, which can be tricky to train in, as children automatically think they can wee in them and it’s therefore hard to change behaviour unless you take the nappy away.

DRY LIKE ME products are now available to purchase at Toddler Barn


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