Christmas is a great time to start potty training


The Christmas holidays are the time of year when lots of clubs and activities are cancelled and we spend quite a bit of time at home, therefore it’s a great time to start potty training in the day.

Santa can also have huge influence over children’s behaviour and so if Santa brings some potty training equipment and big boy or girls pants, then that could be a great way to motivate them to get started. Today we had a lovely message from a parent who is wrapping up the left over nappies to leave out for Santa to give to younger children, and as a thank you he will leave an extra special present for her daughter. We thought this was inspired!

Check out our buying guide for everything you need to start potty training and if you join up to our free potty training academy, we will send you a free reward chart with stickers as an extra gift for your child.

You can start putting in place a good routine now, and it really helps if you talk your child through the routine and let them watch you in the bathroom.

Sign up to the free academy here, and we will send you all the information you need to guide you through each stage of potty training.

If you start potty training on Boxing day, you could be accident free by the start of the new term in January, which is great for those children starting nursery and it will also help save some money during January – each child goes through an average of £40 worth of nappies each month!

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