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two toddler children in the bathroom two toddler children in the bathroom

Parent FAQs on accidents

Suddenly starting having accidents after 6 weeks of being dry.  Q: My 2.5 year old has been potty trained for about 6 weeks now with no accidents. This week all of a sudden he is having some accidents in his pants. He’s asking to go to the toilet and when we get there, there is already a small wet patch in

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toddler-child-swinging-on-beach toddler-child-swinging-on-beach

Potty Training Commando Style

The sun is out and it’s the perfect time to start potty training.  Summer means less layers of clothes to wash after accidents and it’s a great time to get in the garden where the mess of accidents are far less stressful than when they land on the furniture or carpets!   Jude and I

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School Tips School Tips

Help! My child is having accidents since starting school!

Potty Training Accident Starting school or nursery causes change to the routines of our little ones. In addition, toilet accidents can be common as can potty training regression. Jude was recently contacted by one of her distressed friends because her perfectly potty trained daughter had started having wetting accidents after beginning in reception class.  We realised

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Does your child need a nappy Does your child need a nappy

Does your child need a nappy or a portable loo?

Nappies? Portaloo? At around the age of two most children are ready to potty train.  It is getting more and more common to see children of age three and four still wearing nappies.  We believe that in most situations, if the child is nearly four, the nappy is not being used because the child is

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Potty Potty

My child won’t poo on the toilet or potty!

Toilet Training Refusal, Refusing To Poo When it comes to potty training, they may have mastered number ones, but some children either just don’t like to poo.  Some even point blank refuse to poo on the potty or loo. So it makes sense that one question we are asked a lot is how to handle it

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