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Child Led

Should potty training be child led or adult led?

In previous generations potty training, like many other aspects of parenting tended to be led by parents and the protocol was generally to wait until their second birthday and then to go for it. Things are different now; potty training is starting later and lasting longer, and children are on average spending up to a

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Aloa can help prevent nappy rash

Dealing with nappy rash during potty training

Nappy rash is common in babies, and sometimes makes a reappearance during potty training.  Nappy rash is basically skin irritation and during potty training it can be caused by children having small accidents in pants and the urine then sitting against their skin.   Other causes are not wiping bottoms properly, particularly after a poo.

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Positive Parenting

Using positive parenting in potty training

When it comes to potty training, even if you start with the best intentions, those niggles can creep in. We’re not talking here about whether you start to think your child might actually not be ready to potty train. No, instead we mean the bits of everyday life that can get in the way of

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