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Is your child sitting on the toilet properly?

One of the most common issues parents encounter when potty training are around poo and difficulties getting children to poo in the toilet.   A really important factor that parents can influence to help reduce the likelihood of issues is to ensure their toddler is sitting properly on the potty or toilet.   Thankfully studies have

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How much should children drink each day? How much should children drink each day?

Healthy drinking habits during potty training

Good fluid intake helps increase bladder capacity, and helps children understand the sensation of a full bladder and to develop day and night bladder control.   Why are healthy drinking habits important for potty training? Good fluid intake can help your child master potty training easier and quicker and can also reduce the likelihood of

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Help! My child is having accidents since starting school!

Potty Training Accident Starting school or nursery causes change to the routines of our little ones. In addition, toilet accidents can be common as can potty training regression. Jude was recently contacted by one of her distressed friends because her perfectly potty trained daughter had started having wetting accidents after beginning in reception class.  We realised

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Fear of the Potty Fear of the Potty

Help! My child won’t sit on the toilet or potty!

You think you have spotted the signs of readiness, done your homework, bought your potty training kit, and cleared your diary, but what happens when your stubborn toddler just won’t sit on the potty or toilet? This is a very common problem in potty training – especially when you have a headstrong child is at

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