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little-boy-looks-in-the-toilet-P55P9AW (1) little-boy-looks-in-the-toilet-P55P9AW (1)

Parent FAQs – problems with poo

Q: Hi. I’m at my wits end with my 3 year. We have had to go back into pull ups because he is costing me a small fortune in under pants. We have the wees pretty much down but not the poo’s. We have tried everything and I mean everything and it’s just not happening.

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FAQ – Should I use the potty or the toilet?

Some children show a preference for either the potty or the toilet whereas some are happy to switch between the two. A potty can be more convenient, especially when you start going out and about, however getting used to the toilet is important as that is the ultimate potty training routine. For some children, especially

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