Signs of Readiness


When To Start Potty Training

We can help you recognise When To Start Potty Training and the signs of readiness so that you are confident that you are ready to go for it.   

Nappies can mask the signs

When To Start Potty TrainingNappies are very good at keeping your toddler dry, but that can prevent them from learning one of the first stages of potty training, which is to recognise when they have done a wee. This helps the bladder and the brain to connect to enable the child to recognise their body’s signals that they need a wee.

One of the other signs of readiness is a change in the length of time your child is going in between wees. This pattern of less frequent but bigger wees shows the bladder is able to hold on for longer, and is a good sign of readiness. Disposable nappies can make it harder for parents to tell if there is a pattern of dry nappies.

Potty training won’t happen automatically

Potty training is a learnt skill and it’s a skill that we need to teach our children, in the same way that we teach them how to brush their teeth or eat with a knife and fork.


Spotting the signs can reduce the time it takes to potty train. Starting too early and leaving it too late can make the process last longer and can result in more accidents.

Spot the physical signs of readiness:


• Is your child around the age of 2?

• Can they climb the stairs to the bathroom, take their trousers down?

• If your child is ill it is a good idea to delay potty training until they are better and able to focus on the task

Communication • Can they follow simple instructions e.g. can you wash your hands? • Can they make simple requests? (Ask for a drink) • Do they show signs that they know they are doing a wee or a poo in their nappy? (Look out for the potty dance)

Environment A stable environment makes it easier for you and your child to focus on the task. Look out for events that would make potty training more difficult… • Starting school or nursery. • Moving house. • Baby expected, or arrived. • Divorce or separation

Are you ready too?

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