Potty Training expert Jude Hough’s Top 5 Potty’s Summer 2019

The pick of the best Potty’s on the market and why by Potty Training Expert Jude Hough

1. Best for looking like the real thing!

My Summer Infant Potty

2. Best Basic Potty

Bambino Mio – Miopotty

I am a big fan of this simple in expensive no nonsense lightweight potty. It’s perfect for all budgets and does the job perfectly. I would recommend investing in one of these for every bathroom, and if you want to carry it out and about its light-weight and easy to clean.

3. Best for Boys

Cute Frog Pee Urinal for Boys

I am often asked about teaching boys to wee standing up. Some boys prefer to do it that way from the get go -= bit whenever you start having a target to aim at is a really good idea. I like this frog urinal as you can position it at the perfect height for your child, and they have a fun whirling target to aim at to help get them fully trained in the right way. It’s unusual but a great product.

4. Best for comfort

Summer Infant Step by Step Potty

This is a neat potty, with extra accessories for added fun. What I particularly like is the padded seat in the potty. Some children dislike the hard feel of a potty after being snuggled in their dry comfy nappies for so long, so a padded seat can make all the difference. It has the added addition of a toilet roll holder which is a great way to start teaching your child to use loo roll not wipes and learn how much to tear off too! It is available in a choice of colours.

5. Best for fun!

Safety First Rewards Potty

I really like this potty as it actually makes potty training fun. It has music and lights and even issues rewards, a great way to stop little ones being scared of having a go! It’s an expensive potty but it’s removable seat also fits most toilets making the transition familiar for little ones when they graduate to the adult toilet!

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