Buying guide to Keeping Potty Training Going.

Toddler Barn Buying Guide

Now potty training is well under way and you have set in place a good routine, the mission is to try come what may to keep the nappy off! The fastest route is the most direct route, and putting the nappy back on can lead to a longer more difficult process. Potty training is never easy, so you might as well keep going and get to the finish line as quickly as possible! Here are our best buy products to help you keep on the potty training straight and narrow..

These Dry Like Me Potty Training pads, can help make the difference to potty training success. They fit inside a child’s own underwear, and help your child make the connection to being wet and uncomfortable, and therefore ask for the potty! In trials, they reduced accidents by 43% in the first week of use, and even outperformed going straight into own pants.

The pads are uniquely shaped to fit in small underpants and have handy tabs for easy removal, and capture both wee and poo. They are a hard-working little pad!

They are perfect for catching ongoing accidents as you start to bravely venture out with your little one.  Available in more absorbent Early Days and night Time too, they really will see you through your whole potty training  journey.

Dry Like Me Pads are not a nappy and accidents are a key part of learning to potty train. If you feel you and your child need even more confidence then we have the perfect partner product to help increase absorbency, but still help your child recognise the cues for the loo.

We sell these pants in a three pack at Toddlerbarn, as we just know when you try them you will wish you had more. One in the wash, one on your child and one in the change bag!

They are a great partner to Dry Like Me, and because they are worn closer to the child than a nappy, and look and feel like real underwear. They are super soft and slightly padded, and they are going to give the right messages to your little one. Available in a variety of designs these washable pants are a delight, and we know your little one will feel very grown up in them too.

Here are our easy tips for using Dry Like Me and Bambino Mio together to potty train your child:

  1. We would recommend that the Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants are used at first with the Dry Like Me Early Days pads this will give you more absorbency for these first early accidents, but not enough for your child to think they are still in a nappy!
  2. Then move to the Dry Like Me Original Pads,  still using the Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants. The original pads are thinner, less absorbent and great for out and about as your toddler (and you) become more and more confident.
  3. Finally your child’s own big girl or big boy pants, using Dry Like Me pads just for extra long journeys or trips out. With your washable Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants still in the underwear drawer they are great to keep hold of and add an extra layer of absorbency when needed. For example if you are off on a long journey, or on a place when it is not always easy to visit the toilet straight away! They will give both you and your child extra confidence to keep it going just in case of a little accident.

Good luck! All these products and much more are available from our Potty Training Shop at Toddlerbarn. 

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