Buying Guide To Night Time Dryness

Buying Guide To Night Time Dryness

There are some lovely products on the market that can help with night time dryness, reducing the stress of Night Time Potty Training and helping the process along.


Washable bed protection.

Brolly-Sheet-Lite-Washable-Bed-Mat-Dusty-Rose-Size-SingleBrolly Sheets Lite Washable Bed Mat in Dusty Rose

£19.50 at







There is nothing as soul destroying as waking up in the night and having to change your Toddler’s bed. Tiring and exhausting the truth is accidents will happen, and preparation and the right tools to hand is key to survival.  The Brolly Sheets Lite can really help and will protect bedding and help you quickly change the sheets in an emergency. Because the occasional slip up will happen long after potty training, they are a great tool to become just part of your bed linen routine until you are out of the woods.

Washable and made of cotton these Brolly Sheets Lite products are good for the environment too.

Brolly sheets do a range of washable products to help with Night time Dryness,  including our best-selling Sleeping Bag liner at £28.74 which means no more stress for camping trips or sleepovers!



Shop our Brolly Sheets collection here.


Night Lights

Getting up in the dark can be a real deterrent for young toddlers to prevent Night Time Dryness.  We often spend most of the time as parents making our children’s nurseries pitch black to encourage good sleep. Now we have to think about how they will safely get to the potty or toilet and crucially not be scared!

Luckily at we have a superb selection of night lights to help, and hopefully because they are so cute they might encourage a nocturnal trip to the bathroom!

Our selection of battery operated bedside lights from £5.99 are just perfect for children to use. Portable and safe, they emit a soft glow and are so cute we just know that all kids would love a little collection of these in their bedrooms!

This best-selling Rainbow Projector Light £19.95 is a popular choice because of its soothing light-show and melodies. With colour changing lights it can help settle your little one as well as providing a nice glow for when they need to get up and about!






Our ultimate pick for potty training though are our Portable and Rechargeable Bee and Butterfly Night Lights. Safe to play with and even sleep with and easy to carry to the bathroom these lights can spend the day re charging on their night stand so you do not have to worry about them running out, and even be taken to bed for a cuddle!


Bee and  Butterfly Rechargeable Night Lights

£29.99 from










Training Pads


When things are ready to get going with night time training the Dry Like Me Night Time Potty Training pad £3 at  is a great product. Adding an extra layer of absorbency, this pad really comes into its own when your child needs a little time to get to the bathroom. Often first thing in the morning, or as they wake needing the toilet, these pads can capture c 150ml of urine and help keep you and your little one on track for success.




You can shop our full range of night time products here: and our range of Night Lights here:


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