How To Potty Train Potty Fairy Kit

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Let The Potty Fairy and her friendly helper Gus motivate your child to easy Potty Training!

At a glance:

  • Video Training
  • The Potty Fairy Story Book
  • Resources, Rewards Charts, Letters from The Potty Fairy
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The full Potty Fairy Kit to help you effectively put in place my Potty Fairy Technique to help you get your Toddler quickly motivated to Potty Train. This technique can work really well with children training for a second or third time. The Potty Fairy and her friendly helper Gus will help get it sorted!  Kit Includes:

  • Training Video
  • The Potty Fairy Story (Animation and PDF)
  • Full set of downloadable print at home resources including Reward Charts from Gus and the Potty Fairy.
  • Letters from The Potty Fairy for you to use with your Toddler
  • The Poo Fairy Technique for children struggling with Poo issues!


Delivered digitally to your phone, tablet or computer.

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