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We are delighted to be running our FREE summer potty training programme for the sixth year running.

Over the last five years we have helped nearly 3,000 families to get their children potty trained, giving lots of help and advice to guide parents through this sometimes stressful milestone.

By the end of the programme you will have all the knowledge and confidence to:

Get out of nappies
Put in place a good routine
Recognise when to start night time training

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FREE Summer potty training programme over four weeks

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The How to Potty Train Academy is perfect for you if you are thinking about starting to train over the summer, or if you have already started and would like some extra help and support.

How to Potty Train Academy runs for four weeks.

Over the course of the weeks we will be breaking down the process of potty training into manageable stages. This year we are working in partnership with our friends at ERIC, the UK’s children’s continence charity, so there will be even more expert advice available.

Would recommend the programme to a friend
Almost Nappy Free by the end
Put in place some or all of the advice given.


In Partnership with ERIC
Our facebook page will have extra tips and advice and we will be on hand to answer your questions throughout the week. Like our page today to keep up to date.
Each week we will be giving you all the information you need to progress including:

Essential tips and advice to get through each stage of training.

Weekly Competitions

Access to free resources and downloads

Links to recommended websites and blogs.


Join today and we will look forward to hearing about the progress your child makes to being nappy free and fully potty trained!

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Tips From Parents We Have Helped With Potty Training

For the last five years we have run a summer potty training programme where we help guide parents through the stages of potty training.   We ask parents to feed back some of the tips that have worked best for them.  Here are some of our favourites:   To go for it and don’t turn

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How to start potty training

There is a wealth of information online about potty training.  Google will deliver 55 million results for Potty training from ‘how to start potty training boys and girls’, to ‘how to potty train in three days’. On top of this there are plenty of people around us willing to share their potty training advice.  The

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Dry Like Me

A good potty training routine

A good potty training routine is very important We are often asked about how to start potty training, or if it’s been going well and a child has suddenly started to regress, what to do to get their toilet training back on track. Our advice is always to take a step back and re-establish a

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Baby Win

Get a head start on potty training

Start Potty Training.  If your child is between 12-18 months health practitioners say that their nervous system is sufficiently developed for them to feel when they are doing a wee or a poo. They are not however, able to voluntarily control the process.  In other words, they are not yet ready to fully toilet train.

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