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It’s World Mental Health Day today and it has come just a week after we have been analysing a research project we undertook over the summer.  One of the questions we asked over 1,000 parents was if they felt under pressure to start potty training.


38% of parents said, ‘yes’, they did feel under pressure to start potty training, and when we asked where this pressure came from, a clear pattern emerged.  Over half of all pressure came from family and friends.  32% said they felt pressure from this source, while a further 24% named Grandparents specifically as the source.


As parents we often approach family and friends for parenting advice but sometimes the answers we get don’t align with our own parenting style.  We are the ones that know our children best, and sometimes we have an instinctive sense of what is right or wrong for them.


The pressure from Grandparents to start potty training may be because potty training is starting later than in the previous generation and so our parents generally think we are late to the potty training party.  (Whether this is right or wrong is a discussion for another day.)


Sometimes the lines between well meaning advice and constructive criticism can become blurred and this can result in us feeling like our general parenting skills are being assessed by family and friends.  I’m sure the vast majority of advice is well intentioned, but it doesn’t always feel like that at the time!  The one thing we all have in common is that we all want what’s best for our children and very often there is no clear right or wrong answer, and therefore sometimes we just need to do what feels right to us and quite literally go with the flow!


At the end of the day, we recommend you collect as much information and advice as you can on how to potty train, but to make your own decision on how you actually move forward.  The worst thing is to get completely overwhelmed with often conflicting advice and then get paralysed by the fear of potty training, and so put it off for another few weeks.


One thing is for sure and that is that potty train won’t happen unless you make the decision to go for it.  If you start too early, it can result in lots of accidents and if you leave it too long it can take longer to master.  Check out our signs of readiness to help identify if the time is right.


At How to Potty Train we have tried to gather the best information and advice we can find on potty training. We have links with continence charities and we regularly get the chance to ask Health Professionals how they do it, and of course we collect intel on how other parents have successfully potty trained.  We then distilled all this down and have used it to create a four week potty training course which is completely free, full of advice and it also gives parents and carers the chance to download some great resources.


So if you think you are nearly ready to potty train, sign up to our free course today.

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