How to Potty Train: The Course

Discover How To Potty Train your toddler in an easy, fun and stress-free way by following the right steps in the right order AND how to handle it when things go wrong with award winning Potty Training Expert Jude Hough

Are you unsure where to start with potty training?
Are you struggling to identify if your child is ready for potty training?
Are you feeling pressured by school or nursery to do it by a deadline?

If so, you are definitely not alone… 

Maybe you started to train but have gone back to nappies and are now stuck and panicking about what to do next.

Perhaps you are feeling confused based on conflicting advice from various sources – media, family, grandparents, nursery, friends and books.
Possibly you are frightened of doing it wrong or feeling that you are going to fail. 

These are all very common thoughts, feelings and experiences that parents go through when learning how to potty train their child.
Sound familiar?  Yes….

At a Glance:

  • Potty Training made easy with a course written by best selling Potty Training author Jude Hough
  • Jude has helped 1,000s of parents to Potty Train their kids
  • Learn winning ways through step by step training, helpful videos and printable materials
  • Benefit from over 12 years of experience training children of celebrities and Jude’s own kids
  • Potty train your child in an easy, fun and stress-free way now!

£49.99 £24.99

Inside this training

This is a step-by-step online course that takes you through the process at your own pace. It’s a one way street, with no speed restrictions or speed limit. I explain how to do the right steps in the right order to achieve success and with the right mindset and knowledge to tackle any problems or hiccups.

You can know that, because of my experience, you are learning things the right way once and for all. I also have a raft of solutions for when things go wrong, because every child is unique – meaning this course has no pass or fail.You will end up with your child being potty trained without ‘’failing’’ to do it in a set timeframe. This is a trustworthy and reliable solution to :

  • Potty train the right way without any gimmicks, or pressure
  • ​Handle it when things go wrong too and understand how to trust in yourself to find the right solution
  • ​Go through this important milestone once and once only with your child
  • ​Make it fun using my read together stories and resources.

The Complete Solution:

cute-toddler-in-the-batroom-before-a-bath• You are not just buying a course, you’re buying a complete solution.

In addition to everything you need to know about potty training, key tips and answers to all your pressing questions

• You also gain access to Jude herself

Ask your questions directly to Jude and thePotty Training community

• Potty train your child in an easy, fun and stress-free way now!

Here’s What A Recent Graduate Of Jude’s Course Had To Say… 

The previous 2 attempts were disastrous, but since using your advice, my son has only had 2 accidents, which is a win!

“The previous 2 attempts were disastrous, with us getting frustrated and my son just wetting himself and not telling us he needed to go…..I was just at a loss about it all……the content of the course has been straight forward and easy to follow. The nappy fairy concept worked a treat and he took to it straight away……It has really given us the confidence that yes, it’s not easy, but you have to plough on no matter how many accidents they have. Saying that, since we started using your advice (just over a week ago), he has only had 1 wee accident and 1 poo accident which I’m taking as an utter win!! …..You’ve covered everything and I’ve not come across anything so comprehensive. I really feel that health visitors and health professionals should point parents in your direction… It would really take the stress out by not having to go searching for advice from all different people and getting confused about all the differing advice and opinions!!”

Elena, UK.Mum of a 3 year old boy.

Here’s What’s Included:

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