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For Toilet Training Tips and Potty Training Advice,, has helped thousands of parents over the years in potty training their children. Here you can find articles and advice written by the leading experts in the UK, Jude and Di, along with articles from leading children’s charities, on how to navigate what can be a stressful period in your child’s life. But stick with us, we will support you throughout this journey and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Child Led Child Led

Should potty training be child led or adult led?

In previous generations potty training, like many other aspects of parenting tended to be led by parents and the protocol was generally to wait until their second birthday and then to go for it. Things are different now; potty training is starting later and lasting longer, and children are on average spending up to a

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ngithtim ngithtim

How to go about Night time potty training

Night time potty training can be a bit of a mystery and many parents don’t really know how and when to start it.  Here’s our top tips for tackling night time dryness.   Start when your child is well & free of illness When children have coughs and other illnesses it can affect their sleep

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vegetables vegetables

Clean Fifteen Vs Dirty Dozen

Understanding which fruit and vegetables contain the highest and lowest levels of pesticides We constantly hear that we should be feeding our children a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, however the risk of consuming too many pesticides is often reported, so how can we navigate this parenting puzzle? Nutritionists recommend that we buy and

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eating eating

How To Get Kids To Eat a Rainbow

An endless source of stress for parents is the ability to get their little (and big) ones to eat a balanced and varied diet. This is particularly important during potty training as any kind of constipation or dehydration can result in more accidents and the whole process can end up taking much longer and being

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