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For Toilet Training Tips and Potty Training Advice,, has helped thousands of parents over the years in potty training their children. Here you can find articles and advice written by the leading experts in the UK, Jude and Di, along with articles from leading children’s charities, on how to navigate what can be a stressful period in your child’s life. But stick with us, we will support you throughout this journey and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Night Time

The difference between daytime potty training and night time dryness

We deliberately talk about night time dryness rather than night time toilet training because training infers that it’s similar to daytime training where you actively teach the child to become dry.  Instead, night time training is more dependent on the maturity of the bladder and the body’s natural ability to hold onto wee throughout the

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Stressed Parents

Parents under pressure

It’s World Mental Health Day today and it has come just a week after we have been analysing a research project we undertook over the summer.  One of the questions we asked over 1,000 parents was if they felt under pressure to start potty training.   38% of parents said, ‘yes’, they did feel under

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How to make potty training fun using role play

Children love role play and it can be a very important way for them to learn lots of skills including potty training.  The benefits of using play, and role play in particular, are that it can get the child motivated to get started and can help build and consolidate learning both before and during potty

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