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Q: Hi. I’m at my wits end with my 3 year. We have had to go back into pull ups because he is costing me a small fortune in under pants. We have the wees pretty much down but not the poo’s. We have tried everything and I mean everything and it’s just not happening. We have had days where we have been successful and then the next day back to square one. I’m really at a loss what to do next. He can’t be the kid that goes to school in pull ups but at the minute I can’t see ever getting there.

A: Hi, Problems with poo are common in children and we have lots of articles about this on the website. If he is managing ok with wees, then it might be an idea to put him back in pants with Dry Like Me pads at the back of the pants. These pads were originally designed for children who were potty trained but still having poo accidents. It’s also important to check he isn’t constipated which can cause leakage of poo, read our article on spotting the signs of constipation to check for this.

Q: My daughter is almost three and has been using the toilet / potty since early summer and is dry during the day, we put a nappy on her at night as she isn’t dry yet.. We are having a major major issue with poo! She poops in her pants daily. Now I know at nursery she can distracted and is still learning but when at home she won’t even mention it and will just poo-I swear she’s a poo ninja, her facial expressions don’t even change… Occasionally she will poo on the loo if she’s sat for a while and I give her beads to sort but this is few and far between. I suggested the poo nappy but she had a meltdown over it. Heeelp! Do we just keep going and hope it clicks soon? 

A: Hi, you are right to keep the nappy on at night until you see a pattern of dry nappies in the morning. It sounds like you are 90% potty trained therefore I wouldn’t recommend going back into nappies as that would be a backward step. Letting your daughter play with beads is great as it’s important to keep relaxed and on the toilet for long enough to do a poo. Try letting her play with bubbles as the blowing helps relax the muscles. It may be that she is not getting the sensation that she needs a poo, therefore it’s good to try to encourage her to listen to her body’s signs that she needs a poo. Get her involved in the clean up, talk her through the routine and get her to help you flush any poo down the loo. Make sure she is comfortable on the toilet or potty, if she’s using the toilet make sure she has a step stool and feels safe and in the right position. Dry Like Me pads help with the mess (you can buy these from our shop or in ASDA or Morrisons).

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