FAQ – Why can constipation cause day and night time bladder problems?

It may come as quite a surprise to parents to discover that the reason their child has started having wetting accidents or is wetting the bed is because they’re constipated.


A bowel that is full of poo presses against the bladder and reduces the space that it has to expand and store wee. As a result, children will feel the need to wee more frequently and do lots of little wees. When a bladder is squashed it also stops it being able to empty properly and the wee that is left can grow bugs and cause a urinary tract infection (UTI).


There are lots of clues that hint at constipation, but it often goes undiagnosed leaving families oblivious to the root cause of wee accidents.


For this reason, any child who is having daytime wee accidents or is wet at night, should always be checked by a doctor for underlying constipation. It can take a little while for the bladder to recover and start working properly again after constipation is treated. By keeping a child’s poo soft and on the move however with a combination of laxatives, plenty of fluids and a toilet routine, over time their bladder should settle down and behave normally again.


For help with detecting constipation in your child take a look at ERIC’s guide to children’s bowel problems.




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