FAQ – How can I be more environmentally friendly while my child is still bedwetting?

Night time dryness is completely different to training in the daytime and children will not be able to go through the night without bedwetting until their body is ready.  The following graph shows that most children do not achieve night time dryness until they are between 4 and 5.

Bed wetting can be hugely stressful for parents and children therefore we recommend waiting until you see signs of readiness, like a pattern of dry or warm nappies in the morning.  Then you can try to remove the nappy through the night.  Try for a few nights as sometimes children learn after having some accidents.  To save waste and landfill while training at night you can buy waterproof washable sheets rather than disposable ones.  We like the range of waterproof bedding by Brolly Sheets.

Check out our articles on night time dryness to find out how you can reduce the chance of accidents if their body is physically ready to hold on through the night. 

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