Top 10 UK facts on the impact of nappies on the environment

• 8 million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK, that adds up to 3 billion each year

• 90% go to landfill

• Each year 400,000 tonnes of waste (the weight of 32 DoubleDecker buses) is sent to landfill

• Nappies take up to 500 years to decompose

• Nappies make up 2-3% of household waste

• Nappies are single use plastics

• Up to 50% of a disposable nappy is plastic

• Using the average of 4.16 nappies used per day, and an average nappy weight of 38.6g, an average child will use 146.5kg of nappies over two and a half years.

• For every month a child stays in nappies another 124 nappies end up in landfill. That’s £40 worth!

• With every nappy change baby wipes are also used. These contain plastic and end up in landfill, or worse still polluting rivers and seas and impacting on marine life.

• Wrapping nappies in plastic nappy sacks further increases plastic content going to landfill.

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