How to potty train with environmental awareness

We know from first hand experience that it’s a tough job being a parent and sometimes it feels like you are constantly trying to do the right thing and keep everyone happy, which can be exhausting. Doing the right thing for the environment may feel like another onerous task to add to an already guilt ridden list of ‘to dos’ and ‘should dos’, that inevitably all seem to take precedent over ‘make life easy for myself so that I preserve my sanity.’

Here at How to Potty Train, we are practical realists trying to do the best for our kids and juggling everything else around that, so we have compiled a list of ways that we think you can be more environmentally aware without majorly impacting on your life. We think parents that mange to make big changes are amazing, but if everyone made small changes, we might get just as far, so here’s our list:

Ditch the disposable diaper

By far the best thing you can do for the environment is stop using disposable nappies.  These are an amazing invention used by 90% of parents and they do a fab job, and we are not suggesting you remove your child’s nappy before they are ready, but when the child is ready to potty train don’t delay as stopping the purchase of nappies will save landfill waste where nappies, which are single use plastics, take up for 500 years to degrade. 

If the step from nappies to own pants is too great, try using a Dry Like Me pad or Bambino Mio reusable training pants

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