Is potty training the job of one parent?

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Russell Brand sparked controversy (perhaps this was his aim!) in the Sunday Times by declaring he takes a back seat on parenting due to his own sensibilities and the fact he believes his partner is more able. Given previous statements from Russell Brand this in itself wasn’t too shocking, however it did make us ponder the question of how many partners out there may be leaving a large chunk of parenting to their other halves. In particular, we were interested in how the role of potty training was split.

We therefore looked back on some research we did last summer, where we asked over 1,000 parents who was involved in potty training their child.

Who was involved in potty training your child?

I’m rather relieved to report that in 21st century Britain potty training is on the whole carried out by both parents, with 78% saying that their partner was involved in the process. In almost half of cases grandparents were also involved in potty training, and we liked the small ‘other’ group that was largely made up of siblings who were helping their little brother or sister learn!

It is interesting to note that although the role was split, 85% of people we interviewed (generally the main parent, mostly Mums) thought they were personally responsible for potty training.

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