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The importance of removing the nappy in the day

We recommend that before you make the decision to potty train, you start putting in place a good routine and you look at for signs of readiness.  Part of this routine includes practising sitting on the potty, with or without a nappy.  If you have short periods of practise without the nappy it’s important to

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Buying guide to buying the right potty

by Jude Hough from   You would think that buying the right potty would be simple, wouldn’t you? Then you realise there is no such thing anymore as a simple potty! With all types of styles and sizes and shapes on the market, as well as seats that go on the toilet, and with

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FAQ – Should I use the potty or the toilet?

Some children show a preference for either the potty or the toilet whereas some are happy to switch between the two. A potty can be more convenient, especially when you start going out and about, however getting used to the toilet is important as that is the ultimate potty training routine. For some children, especially

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