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What Age To Potty Train, Parenting

What Age To Potty Train, Parenting, How To Potty Train. Good bye regret, hello empowerment! Parents often tell us that they wished they started potty training earlier, or later. We asked Lauren from The Parenting Chapter to share some of her parenting regrets.

Also, when it comes to potty training, even if you start with the best intentions, those niggles can creep in. A discussion of how to use positive parenting to potty train.

Does your child ask to have their nappy changed? When we speak to a lot of parents, they often ask the same question: How do I know if my child is ready to potty train? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer; all children are different. Read more below.


Clean Fifteen Vs Dirty Dozen

Understanding which fruit and vegetables contain the highest and lowest levels of pesticides We constantly hear that we should be feeding our children a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, however the risk of consuming too many pesticides is often reported, so how can we navigate this parenting puzzle? Nutritionists recommend that we buy and

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Stressed Parents

Parents under pressure

It’s World Mental Health Day today and it has come just a week after we have been analysing a research project we undertook over the summer.  One of the questions we asked over 1,000 parents was if they felt under pressure to start potty training.   38% of parents said, ‘yes’, they did feel under

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How to make potty training fun using role play

Children love role play and it can be a very important way for them to learn lots of skills including potty training.  The benefits of using play, and role play in particular, are that it can get the child motivated to get started and can help build and consolidate learning both before and during potty

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