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ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity

ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity, discusses Top 10 Tips for night time dryness. They include readiness, preparation together, their information based on why children wet the bed at night.

Also, a discussion regarding the normal age for night time dryness. Bedwetting is considered to be normal and to be all part of a child’s development process up to the age of 5. Their bladders are still maturing up to this point. Night time dryness is always expected to take longer than the daytime.

Did you wonder what the best age was to begin training during the day?  ERIC suggests in this post that “some people would say it’s possible to train infants right from birth. They suggest acting on cues (also known as ‘elimination communication’). Others may argue that you should wait for a child to tell you they are ready.”

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The ERIC Nurse’s poo problem case studies

Peter Peter was 9 years old when he was referred to the continence service with a request for one nappy a day. A highly intelligent boy, Peter was the middle brother of three. Poorly treated constipation as a toddler had led to toilet avoidance, despite appointments with the paediatrician, gastroenterologist, psychologist and school nurse. Nothing

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Delayed Speech Delayed Speech

Potty training children with delayed speech or communication issues

If your child has an additional need such as delayed speech it doesn’t mean they can’t be potty trained, it just may take a little longer. For more information and tips for supporting your child take a look at ERIC’s Guide to Potty Training and ERIC’s Guide for Children with Additional Needs for more information.   Potty training

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How To Potty Train Book Review How To Potty Train Book Review

‘How to Potty Train,’ by Judith Hough and Diane Titterton

Review by Brenda Cheer, Paediatric Specialist Continence Nurse and ERIC’s nurse. Potty Training Books, Potty Training Resources, ‘How To Potty Train’ For Potty Training Books, Potty Training Resources, ‘How To Potty Train‘ by Judith Hough and Diane Titterton,  is the ultimate potty training resources book.  How to potty train in 5 easy steps!  Read and

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