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How To Start Potty Training, 5 Rules

How To Start Potty Training, Childcare, here are our top 5 important rules of potty training. Just as a friendly reminder, for parents in a panic about potty training. Parents have often read up and researched lots of information on how and what to do when it comes to potty training. Often, it’s the most basic things that they forget (usually in the panic of trying to juggle near missed accidents whilst also conducting the rest of their lives).

Also, by guest blogger Rhian Harris, “From Tum to Mum. I recently wrote about how a new baby can affect your child’s toileting habits. After looking into it a little bit, it seems quite common that a new arrival can be unsettling for a young child.” Read more about Rhian’s experience toddler potty training with a new baby in tow!

family-having-fun-with-children-PMT7SP7 family-having-fun-with-children-PMT7SP7

Potty training is a team effort

Potty training is very empowering for children as it is something that they need to physically master on their own. This doesn’t however mean that the parent is redundant in the process. Approaching potty training as a team will help your little one crack it earlier and will also make it more fun for you

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Parent holding a young child in warm woolly clothing on a winter day facing away towards a misty forest Parent holding a young child in warm woolly clothing on a winter day facing away towards a misty forest

Is potty training the job of one parent?

Russell Brand sparked controversy (perhaps this was his aim!) in the Sunday Times by declaring he takes a back seat on parenting due to his own sensibilities and the fact he believes his partner is more able. Given previous statements from Russell Brand this in itself wasn’t too shocking, however it did make us ponder

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How To Get Kids To Eat a Rainbow

An endless source of stress for parents is the ability to get their little (and big) ones to eat a balanced and varied diet. This is particularly important during potty training as any kind of constipation or dehydration can result in more accidents and the whole process can end up taking much longer and being

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How much should children drink each day? How much should children drink each day?

Healthy drinking habits during potty training

Good fluid intake helps increase bladder capacity, and helps children understand the sensation of a full bladder and to develop day and night bladder control.   Why are healthy drinking habits important for potty training? Good fluid intake can help your child master potty training easier and quicker and can also reduce the likelihood of

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