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Potty Training Age, Training Advice, top tips, ‘toilettiquette’ and Expert posts. Learn how siblings can help with potty training, exerting almost magical powers! A big tool in potty training a child is to use idols to encourage their motivation to ditch the nappy.

Also, wondering if your new baby will affect current potty training efforts? From Rhian Harris, “With a baby due in a matter of weeks, I therefore thought we had toileting in the bag. I imagined that if I were busy with the baby, she’d still be able to go to the loo without needing me to always be too ‘hands on’. Imagine my concern then when her toileting started to take a backward turn.” Read more of Rhian’s post.

What about refusal? A battle of wills? It’s really common for children to show all the signs of being ready to start potty training, but for some reason they stubbornly refuse to go anywhere near a potty or toilet let alone sit on it to do a wee or poo! Read more about this!

Sam Faires Sam Faires

Potty Training with Sam Faiers

Potty Training Tips For Boys I was lucky enough to be invited to help Sam Faiers and her toddler baby Paul set off on their potty training journey for Sam’s new series ‘’Sam and Billie Faiers the mummy diaries.’’ Once children emerge from the baby years Potty Training is a milestone that some parents worry

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Night Time Dryness Night Time Dryness

ERIC’s top 10 tips for night time dryness

Potty Training At Night, Night Time Toilet Training In regards to Potty Training at Night, Night Time Toilet Training.  The helpline advisors at ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity, have a huge amount of experience.  They support families who have potty trained their children and wonder what the next step is to get their

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Night Time Dryness Night Time Dryness

What age is normal for night time dryness?

Bedwetting is considered to be normal.  It can be all part of a child’s development process up to the age of 5 years. Their bladders are still maturing up to this point.  Night time dryness is always expected to take longer than the daytime. Around half a million children and young people in the UK

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School Tips School Tips

Help! My child is having accidents since starting school!

Potty Training Accident Starting school or nursery causes change to the routines of our little ones. In addition, toilet accidents can be common as can potty training regression. Jude was recently contacted by one of her distressed friends because her perfectly potty trained daughter had started having wetting accidents after beginning in reception class.  We realised

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