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Potty Training Age, Training Advice, top tips, ‘toilettiquette’ and Expert posts. Learn how siblings can help with potty training, exerting almost magical powers! A big tool in potty training a child is to use idols to encourage their motivation to ditch the nappy.

Also, wondering if your new baby will affect current potty training efforts? From Rhian Harris, “With a baby due in a matter of weeks, I therefore thought we had toileting in the bag. I imagined that if I were busy with the baby, she’d still be able to go to the loo without needing me to always be too ‘hands on’. Imagine my concern then when her toileting started to take a backward turn.” Read more of Rhian’s post.

What about refusal? A battle of wills? It’s really common for children to show all the signs of being ready to start potty training, but for some reason they stubbornly refuse to go anywhere near a potty or toilet let alone sit on it to do a wee or poo! Read more about this!

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Aloa can help prevent nappy rash Aloa can help prevent nappy rash

Dealing with nappy rash during potty training

Nappy rash is common in babies, and sometimes makes a reappearance during potty training.  Nappy rash is basically skin irritation and during potty training it can be caused by children having small accidents in pants and the urine then sitting against their skin.   Other causes are not wiping bottoms properly, particularly after a poo.

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How your body works How your body works

Teaching your child about digestion and how the body works

Some children are scared when they start potty training and first see poo in the potty or toilet.  When you think about it, it makes sense that it could be quite a shock to see this unknown substance coming from your body, especially if it is sore or uncomfortable to pass.   So how can

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