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Why I Created How to Potty Train

Over the past 12 years, I have been teaching potty training to parents and having potty trained my own children, I have found that many parents are overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do and often feel under pressure…

This pressure is usually self imposed, as they may have a deadline to hit for when they want the training to be completed, or feeling pressured as other parents already have their children potty trained.

In most cases, parents are confused because they are receiving conflicting advice. They are stressed, juggling childcare, meaning that they don’t know how to put in place a consistent routine, and feel that they can’t trust their own instincts.

Jude Hough
Potty Training expert Jude Hough

Get your expert on the phone

Because I know how important it can be for parents to be able to explain their own issue with potty training their child, I have decided to offer personalised online chat. During 45 minutes, you will be able to ask me all your questions and I will help you with tips and advices perfectly adapted to your own situation!

£197 £97/session


45 min of personalised advice

a full access to the How To Potty Train Course*.

Follow up on email or messenger to make sure you implement everything and stay one track!