Tips from Potty Trainers of the past

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Over the last couple of years, we have asked those involved in Potty Training Live to give us their potty training tips.

This is one of our favourites…

Take the nappy off and stick to it! Don’t stress about it, as your child will pick upon it. Relax and breathe, your children can feel your tension if you’re worried, they will be too!

Taking the nappy off and not putting it back on is one of our golden rules of potty training. It helps the child learn the new habits and routine of toileting quicker.  It also prevents them getting confused about what is expected.

Why is taking the nappy off so important?


In the short term, putting the nappy back on during busy days does make life easier.  However, it interrupts learning and can make the child realise it’s easier having nappies on.  No interruption and they can continue to play and get the mess cleaned up at a more convenient time. If the child then thinks that nappies are optional, they probably will opt for them all the time! This is when battles can start!

In reality, sometimes life gets too busy to be able to cope with lots of accidents.  We would therefore recommend that before you start potty training, check your calendar.  See if you will have a relatively quiet couple of weeks.

A quiet and calm time will also help to reduce the stress of potty training.  The lady that gave the above tip is absolutely spot on.  She says that you need a positive attitude to potty training. If you can make the process exciting for your child, they are more likely to be engaged in the process, which will once again help them learn.

So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy helping your child reach this major milestone.

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4 comments on “Tips from Potty Trainers of the past

  1. Catherine on

    I recommend taking time off from usual activities and staying home. In my house we call it naked fortnight and leave bottom half completely free. I have found it does not take long as everyone is stress and hassle free.

    • georgina on

      What an amazing Idea, I’m starting to potty train my little girl soon but was stressing about what I should do but this comment has really helped me decide. Thank you

  2. Yvette Louise Clough on

    But What happens when you’ve tried all the above and you still are at square one?
    I have tried every approach and still no closer. At my wits end.


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