Night time potty training advice from our panel of Health professionals


Lorraine MacAlister from National Autistic Society


At what age would you recommend starting potty training at night?

If children are reliably dry in the day for at least 6 months, then it’s a good idea to start looking at night-time training.


What are your top tips for potty training children on the autism spectrum?

Preparation is the absolute key! Making a plan is the first step – even if that plan is ‘I’m going to review this again in 3 months’ – and the sooner we start – the better.

Vital to also say – it’s never too late.



Davina Richardson from Bladder and Bowel UK


Children cannot be potty trained at night in the same way as they are during the day.  Night time wetting is not considered a medical problem until children are at least five years old, but there are some things you can do to help your child become dry at night. These include:

  • Encourage them to drink plenty of water, or water-based drinks during the day. Children aged 1-2 years should be having about 1 litre per day. Children aged 3-5 years should be having about 1.25 litres per day. This should be divided into about 6 drinks, evenly spaced through the day
  • Avoid giving your child tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cola, as these contain caffeine. Also avoid fizzy drinks. Caffeine and fizzy drinks can cause bladder problems
  • Avoid giving your child a drink or food in the hour before bed, as this can make them more likely to be wet at night
  • Do not wake your child to use the toilet after they have gone to sleep, but if they do wake in the night, ask them to try and go to the toilet
  • Have good bedtime routines and make sure that the last thing your child does before settling to sleep is using the toilet
  • Have a trial for three of four nights without a nappy or pull up

If your child is five years old and still wet at night, you can ask their school nurse or GP (family doctor) for support




Dr Fleming, GP


At what age would you recommend starting training at night?


Usually this can be started when children have been reliable dry in the day for six months; however, I wouldn’t rush this for young children as a good night’s sleep for them is also important.


Charlotte Hamflett, Hospital play Therapist


At what age would you recommend starting potty training at night?

Again, it would depend on the factors above.  When the child has been consistently dry during the day for a 3-4 months, or when they themselves ask not to wear their nappy to bed.



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