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Toddler Potty Training, Success, Into Pants Pull up pant style nappies are great nappies, and help a great deal with capturing the mess of a full accident, however we get lots of people telling us that they try to potty train in these but that their child doesn’t get the difference and so continues to use it as a nappy.

This is where getting the child into their own pants is an important first step in potty training.  There is a clear difference to the child in the way that pants look and feel.  It’s also very exciting for children to choose their big boy or girl pants with their favourite character on them.  Many also love the fact that they are copying older friends and family by wearing grown up pants.

Own pants is however a big leap and the prospect of the mess of toilet training can be daunting for parents, which is why it’s sometimes too easy to carry on with nappies.

To minimise the time and stress it takes to potty train, ensure you make the leap into pants at the right time.  Look out for the signs of readiness to help you do this.


• Is your child around the age of 2?

• Can they climb the stairs to the bathroom, take their trousers down?

• If your child is ill it is a good idea to delay potty training until they are better and able to focus on the task


• Can they follow simple instructions e.g. can you wash your hands?

• Can they make simple requests? (Ask for a drink)

• Do they show signs that they know they are doing a wee or a poo in their nappy? (Look out for the potty dance)


A stable environment makes it easier for you and your child to focus on the task. Look out for events that would make potty training more difficult…

• Starting school or nursery.

• Moving house.

• Baby expected, or arrived.

• Divorce or separation

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