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How To Potty Train A Boy, Top Tips

How to Potty Train a Boy, my top tips I talked to Sam about when helping her potty train her son Paul.

Set up a good routine.

I talked Sam through how to set about putting in place a good routine. It would help her establish good potty training behaviours and good ‘toilettiquette.’’ I explained that things change when a child becomes a toddler and learns to potty train. No longer is it normal for their nappies to be changed just anywhere in the house.  There must now be a process of using the bathroom like a grown up does.   Start the process of becoming independent and looking after their own hygiene. Washing hands, taking down pants, helping clean up. Wearing big kid pants too is a key change for the child. They feel very different to nappies.  Unlike a nappy, help them feel uncomfortable when wet; a motivation to be clean and dry.

Make nappy changes happen in the bathroom.

Most of all however changing the toilet routine to be in the bathroom.  Talking through the fact that wee and poo belongs in the loo is a real game changer.  A signal to the child that expectations are now different.

Make Wearing a Nappy Hard work.

Disrupting play by making your toddler come with you to change in the bathroom and help clean up.  This is a great technique. Why would any child want to take themselves off to the loo if they can pee in their nappy?  Let mum or dad clean up! Potty training is hard work, so you need to weight the scales towards the benefits of being clean and dry.  Make wearing the nappy much harder work. The quicker they use the potty, the quicker they can be back to their activity.

Use a sequencing story.

Talking children through the sequencing of a good potty training routine is a great way to lay the foundations of good potty training. Sam read Paul extracts from the front of our book ‘’How to Potty Train’’ which has a read together sections that sequences in a fun way what is expected Paul loved the book and was captivated by the story.

Reward the trying as well as the result.

Our book link as above  contains stickers at the back, we recommend rewarding for trying, or rewarding for washing hands. Reward any part of the process not just the main event of getting a wee or poo in the loo. Potty training is about a whole raft of behaviours that have to come together to make it successful.

Set up a potty training station.

Ideally this is in the bathroom but for Paul, who was in his playroom which was a fair distance from the nearest toilet, we set up a potty training area in the play room. We put the potty on a mat or towel to capture messes, set up his reward chart above the potty, and included some special toys and our book link as above . So the potty would become a fun place to sit and try. We would also suggest a small container with a change of clothes, wipes and spare pants. The less stressful for the parent the better the chance of success! Because Paul’s potty training station was not in the bathroom I told Sam getting Paul to help you take any successful wee or poo t the bathroom to flush it down the toilet and wave it away would be a good way to establish that wee and poo do really belong down the loo.

Take the nappy off for good!

When you feel you have put in place some good foundation you need to pick a day and throw the nappy away. You can even have a bin the nappy celebration with your little one. We have lots of great advice if you are finding it tough once the nappy is off, and ways to help manage things without putting the nappy back on. Visit our SOS section of howtopottytrain.com

Training boys to wee standing up.

Sam was keen to understand how to train Paul to wee standing up. Daddy Paul is around a lot, and so Sam has a great on hand guide, and asked Big Paul to help get involved taking Paul to the toilet to show him how it is done! If you don’t have a handy role model around like this do not worry – Boys are just fine weeing sitting down, and trust me they learn very quickly to wee standing up. If you an enlist a male helper great if not do not worry. Kids learn by copying and when they start nursery or school there are lots of great examples to copy around!

I want to thank Sam, and Paul for the chance to come and help them establish some good potty training behaviours with little Paul. I think Sam is an inspiration. She filmed with me while she had a very young baby (Gorgeous baby Rosie) and kept so calm around a busy toddler, managed to breast feed Rosie in between, deal with being filmed, and was generous with me. Good Luck!

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