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Start Potty Training.  If your child is between 12-18 months health practitioners say that their nervous system is sufficiently developed for them to feel when they are doing a wee or a poo.

They are not however, able to voluntarily control the process.  In other words, they are not yet ready to fully toilet train.

There are still some important parts of toilet training that you can begin to give your child a head start and make the process easier.

Some tips for introducing the potty early on

  • Copying. Kids often learn from watching others. By letting them see older siblings or friends on the potty or toilet can help them.
  • Entertain them. Start to take toys and books into the toilet and get your little one to practice sitting on the potty.  If they are happily reading or playing there is more chance that they will manage to do a first wee in the potty, which is a great starting point.
  • Routine. Toilet training is not just about physically doing a wee or a poo.  It is the whole process of managing toileting. So by learning to wash hands and pulling down clothes, they are achieving important milestones in the toilet training process.  This practice can start before serious toilet training begins.

By breaking up toilet training into steps and achieving one goal at a time, you can make the process less stressful and even enjoyable!

At How to Potty Train, we hope to guide you through the early stages of toilet training. You can  so register for our free potty training programme for more resources and tips.

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