Does your child need a nappy or a portable loo?

Does your child need a nappy

Nappies? Portaloo?

At around the age of two most children are ready to potty train.  It is getting more and more common to see children of age three and four still wearing nappies.  We believe that in most situations, if the child is nearly four, the nappy is not being used because the child is not able to potty train.  Rather because it is more convenient for them not to have to disrupt everyday life to go to the toilet.

It’s not hard to see this logic through the eyes of a three or four year old.  Why would you want to stop playing or watching TV just to go to the toilet when there is a perfectly workable solution?  A nappy that collects the waste and can be worn until a more convenient time to clean up.

Who can argue with that?

Well, as adults we can think of many reasons why this is not an economical, environmental or socially acceptable solution but these are of little concern to a pre-schooler.

The other problem that often arises in this situation is that an older child can be more forceful about not using the toilet.  Children may persistently employ clever strategies to prolong the use of the nappy.  In this situation it can become quite a battle for the parents to fully potty train their child.  Research has proven it takes longer if left later.

So, our advice is to start potty training around the age of two when they are showing signs of readiness.  See our website for these signs and for tips on getting started.

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