5 Important Rules of Potty Training


Potty Training Rules.  Parents have often read up and researched lots of information on how and what to do when it comes to potty training.  Often, it’s the most basic things that they forget.  This usually occurs in the panic of trying to juggle near missed accidents whilst also conducting the rest of their lives.

Here are our top 5 important rules of potty training – just as a friendly reminder:

  1. Set up a good routine and stick to it.  A good potty training routine is the most basic step you can take in achieving successful potty training.  It is worth taking the time to help your little one understand what is expected of them and also how to go about it. Routine is also a critical stage if they experience potty training regression.  Go back to the start and reestablish the regime.
  2. pottyKeep a potty in the bathroom and ask them to go on it before bath time.  Even if they are not ready to properly undertake potty training.  This can help them to start to get used to the idea. It can also avoid accidents in the bath if they are still learning!
  3. Praise and reward even minor successes. Stickers and potty training reward charts or books are a great way to motivate and encourage children onto the potty or toilet, or if you are really struggling, the offer of toys or treats!
  4. Remain consistent, and ask any nurseries childcarers, grandparents and partners to take the same approach as at home. It is a new process for them and skills are learned through practice, so try to make sure you are asking them to do the same thing each time.
  5. Keep calm when accidents strike! Reassure what they need to do rather than upset them by getting angry. It is hard and you will lose your patience, but this is the worst thing you can do as it only makes the most stubborn toddlers even more dead set on doing the opposite!
 Keep calm It's Only Potty Training

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