The Evolution of How to Potty Train

Judith Hough and Diane Titterton

Judith Hough and Diane Titterton have worked in the potty training industry for a combined twenty years.  In that time they have developed and launched Dry Like Me potty training pads, which are now sold nationwide through major supermarkets plus online throughout Europe and the USA.

Dry Like Me

A major part of their role in Dry Like Me is to help support parents in their potty training journey.  Early research indicated that parents find potty training the most stressful milestone they have encountered in parenting to date.  Jude and Di provided the tools in the form of Dry Like Me to help lessen the stress and mess of potty training.  Parents also looked to them to give wider support.

It became evident that there was a wide range of information available on the internet and in books.  People often received conflicting advice from different sources.  Further confusion arose when friends and relatives added their advice.

At the same time Jude and Di learned that potty training at the right time, in a consistent manner could help reduce the time it took and the stress of it.  They therefore decided to pull together the best practice information they had from their own years of experience.  This together with the advice from healthcare professionals that they have close links to.  Then decided to publish it in one place.

How To Potty Train

How to Potty train contains all the advice that the team give to parents and answers the key questions received from those embarking on potty training.  It also features guest blogs from parents who have gone through potty training and key advice from highly regarded healthcare professionals and children’s continence charities.


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