Month: December 2018

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Top 5 tips for making potty training fun

Some children are really keen to start potty training and our research found that little girls often tell parents they want to start training before the parent had planned to start. On the other hand, there are a number of children who just aren’t that keen. These are often the ones that are quite happy

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christmas christmas

Christmas is a great time to start potty training

The Christmas holidays are the time of year when lots of clubs and activities are cancelled and we spend quite a bit of time at home, therefore it’s a great time to start potty training in the day. Santa can also have huge influence over children’s behaviour and so if Santa brings some potty training

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How long before my toddler stops having accidents?

The length of time it takes to potty train is dependent on the individual child but we can look at potty training trends to give us an idea of what to expect. There is a trend towards potty training taking longer which is partly attributed to more widespread use of pull up training nappies which

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