Month: May 2018

how-to-get-the-first-wee-in-the-potty2 how-to-get-the-first-wee-in-the-potty2

How to get the first wee in the potty?

It can be tricky to communicate with your toddler what is expected of them in potty training, and how to actually do a wee in the potty. I can imagine there are some inventive ways that people have attempted this, but here are our top 10 tips. Some of these can be started before the

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Delayed Speech Delayed Speech

Potty training children with delayed speech or communication issues

If your child has an additional need such as delayed speech it doesn’t mean they can’t be potty trained, it just may take a little longer. For more information and tips for supporting your child take a look at ERIC’s Guide to Potty Training and ERIC’s Guide for Children with Additional Needs for more information.   Potty training

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Dry Like Me Dry Like Me

Review of Dry Like Me potty training pads

  Dry Like Me are the new, fast way to potty train. The award-winning, handy little potty training pads turn all pants into potty training pants by adding an absorbent layer to give your child extra confidence when learning to potty train.  Dry Like Me also helps manage the stress and mess of potty training,

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How To Potty Train Book Review How To Potty Train Book Review

‘How to Potty Train,’ by Judith Hough and Diane Titterton

Review by Brenda Cheer, Paediatric Specialist Continence Nurse and ERIC’s nurse. Potty Training Books, Potty Training Resources, ‘How To Potty Train’ For Potty Training Books, Potty Training Resources, ‘How To Potty Train‘ by Judith Hough and Diane Titterton,  is the ultimate potty training resources book.  How to potty train in 5 easy steps!  Read and

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