Month: April 2018

children-who-dont-want-to-poo-on-the-potty-or-toilet children-who-dont-want-to-poo-on-the-potty-or-toilet

Children who don’t want to poo on the potty or toilet.

One of the most common questions we get asked is about children who don’t want to poo on the toilet and instead ask for a nappy to poo in.  This is very common and can be distressing for the parent and child as sometimes it leads to stool withholding and constipation.  If your child doesn’t

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Dad and Son in the Sun Dad and Son in the Sun

Goodbye regret. Hello empowerment.

Parents often tell us that they wished they started potty training earlier, or later depending on if their child was ready to potty train or not. Unfortunately, it’s the way of life though, that we have to find these things out for ourselves. We asked Lauren from The Parenting Chapter to share some of her parenting

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The Evolution of How to Potty Train

Judith Hough and Diane Titterton Judith Hough and Diane Titterton have worked in the potty training industry for a combined twenty years.  In that time they have developed and launched Dry Like Me potty training pads, which are now sold nationwide through major supermarkets plus online throughout Europe and the USA. Dry Like Me A

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