Month: March 2018

Sam Faiers Sam Faiers

Jude’s Top Tips for Sam Faiers

How To Potty Train A Boy, Top Tips How to Potty Train a Boy, my top tips I talked to Sam about when helping her potty train her son Paul. Set up a good routine. I talked Sam through how to set about putting in place a good routine. It would help her establish good potty training

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Sam Faires Sam Faires

Potty Training with Sam Faiers

Potty Training Tips For Boys I was lucky enough to be invited to help Sam Faiers and her toddler baby Paul set off on their potty training journey for Sam’s new series ‘’Sam and Billie Faiers the mummy diaries.’’ Once children emerge from the baby years Potty Training is a milestone that some parents worry

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Potty Training Potty Training

What is the best age to start training in the day?

What Age To Potty Train, Day Training What Age to Potty Train?  Put 10 people in a room and ask them all when is the best age to start potty training.  You would probably hear 10 completely different answers! Some people would say it’s possible to train infants right from birth to act on cues. 

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Night Time Dryness Night Time Dryness

ERIC’s top 10 tips for night time dryness

Potty Training At Night, Night Time Toilet Training In regards to Potty Training at Night, Night Time Toilet Training.  The helpline advisors at ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity, have a huge amount of experience.  They support families who have potty trained their children and wonder what the next step is to get their

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